Night of the Living Dead Kickstarter Fully Funded!!!


Night of the Living Dead Fans,

We have some great news!!!  Our Kickstarter to celebrate 50 years of Night of the Living Dead has surpassed 100% funding with 2 days to go!!

There still is time to get ahold of the EXCLUSIVE merchandise that isn’t available anywhere else, including everything you need to celebrate the 50th Anniversary!

Visit the Kickstarter HERE
As a reminder, we’ve partnered with Image Ten to create a Kickstarter to celebrate the 50th Anniversary.  The Kickstarter will close at 11:59pm on Friday, November 30th, so time is running out!

Some of the awesome items include:

  • First ever Night of the Living Dead Karen Cooper Geeki Tiki
  • Night of the Living Dead playing cards in a VHS style box
  • 16oz Living Dead Nite Tankard glasses w/handles
  • Glow-in-the-dark 50th Anniversary enamel pin
  • Night of the Living Dead shirts and posters
  • Night of the Living Dead barrel cooler bag
  • Night of the Living Dead beer tap handle
  • Night of the Living Dead vintage cork coasters, koozies, and shot glasses
  • Night of the Living Dead Mystery Box

A quick word on us, Living Dead Media (LDM). LDM was formed to both serve the fan bases of the Living Dead movies and to work with / for the original film makers and the actors (and in some cases their families and estates) to ensure they benefit directly from everything we do. In terms of the original Night of the Living Dead film, I'm sure you're not surprised to hear that George A. Romero and the actors have made very little off the films. If it's not licensed by us or Image Ten, the actors and Romero's aren’t getting to benefit from it.  

Help us make this Kickstarter a true success!


  • wheres my rewards if its fully funded

    Chris Jennings
  • Since it has been fully funded, why haven’t you sent out all of the items for overdue pledges?

    Michael Waskelis

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